Team Effort Network, a new division of Team Effort International, LLC

Founded in 2002, Team Effort International, LLC is a privately held, debt-free company with it's Global Headquarters in the prestigious Bishop Ranch Business Park in San Ramon, California.

We are an Internet based, Direct Selling company. Using proprietary and state-of-the-art software, Team Effort International stands at the leading edge of e-commerce technology. We are a multi-national company currently doing business in several leading countries in North America, Europe, South East Asia, and Australia, New Zealand with plans for further international expansion into South America.

The company name was carefully decided on to encompass the concept and vision of what the company would ultimately become.
Team Effort International was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who were truly committed to making a difference. The company is led by the dynamic husband and wife team of Mel and Amie Gill.

We have 2 distinct product divisions and brands. Our first division - MyVideoTalk - is a robust , cutting-edge suite of streaming video technology products.

Our newest division and brand - Team Effort Network - is just launching in the USA. Team Effort Network (TEN) has a mission and vision of changing how the world takes healthy supplements. The Company and it's exciting line of products are part of a paradigm shift in one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. With hundreds of millions of people who do not like or cannot swallow nutritional pills, tablets or capsules - there is a huge market demand waiting or the TEN Sprays !!! We are committed to helping people find an alternative way to achieving their health and wellness goals. The TEN Sprays are more convenient, easier to use, taste great, have a more effective delivery system and are SIMPLY COOL !!!


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